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Jo'ogn - Charisma - BGM, SFX, Computer-Games, Music, Sound-Effects
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Over the Years I've arranged quite an amount of background music (BGM), created sound effects (SFX) and performed voice acting (VFX) for serveral private and my own computer game or audio play projects. It's a passion of mine.

Schon seit einigen Jahren arrangiere ich Hintergrundsmusik (BGM), mache Geräusche (SFX) und spreche (VFX) für divere (hauptsächlich deutsche) private Videospiel-Projekte.

Xeta Belles - Trailer (Jo' Version) 4:01 OGG 12MB surround
4:01 OGG 5MB 2ch stereo
[2012] Chelcia Arnold's Xeta Belles Trailer newly arranged and mixed my nobody else but me. Music re-arranged by Stephan Schulz. "Bad Apple" englisch Christina Vee Version. The only difference 'my version' features over Chelcia's official choice is the ongoing BGM in the last scene.
Turn it up and enjoy!

Voice of Ever-Green City: Parisa Johnston
Amelia: Amber Lee Conners
Destiny: Morgan Barnhart
Suetu: Erica Mendez
Xeta: Jo'

Bouldermouse - Menü
Bouldermouse - BGM 1
Bouldermouse - BGM 2
Bouldermouse - Bestenliste
0:42 OGG 0,6MB
1:53 OGG 1,6MB
0:54 OGG 0,8MB
0:35 OGG 0,5MB
[2007] Magic Storm Bouldermouse. You liked Boulder Dash? Than this might be a fun game for you. A 2D Game with 3D GFX. Collect all diamonds. Pay attention to falling rocks and the monsters! Use dynamite to blow up blocking walls...

Commando Xenidis - Menace
Commando Xenidis - Ennoia
Commando Xenidis - Eleytheria Wipe Out
Commando Xenidis - Intro Narration
2:00 OGG 1,8MB
2:13 OGG 1,8MB
2:24 OGG 1,7MB
1:17 OGG 1,3MB
[2005] Magic Storm An Arcade like Top-Down Shooter including Ground-Missions.

Startrade - Spaß-Intro
Startrade - Menü-Remix
Startrade - Vertigo
Startrade - Kampf (Battle)
Startrade - Sternenstaub (Stardust)
0:06 OGG 35KB
2:38 OGG 1,1MB
4:27 OGG 1,8MB
3:09 OGG 1,2MB
4:41 OGG 3,8MB
[2003] "Fetze's" Startrade, A 2D Space Trading Simulation with merchants, pirates, space stations and mines. I tried to make some spooky music that should give some choking idea of the vastness of space...

You can replace these higher bitrate OGGs with those in the SFX-folder of Startrade, just edit the "music.ini" in the GAMEDATA-Folder.

WestStorm - Aufmarsch & Sturm
WestStorm - Sturm Reprise
WestStorm - Sturm (remix)
3:21 OGG 1,2MB
1:54 OGG 606KB
3:22 OGG 1,4MB
[2001] Banshee-Interactive (dead) were about 5 young boys from south germany and switzerland. That wanted to present a strategicalcombat-ego-shooter back in 2000. They showed modells of jetplanes, machine guns and jeeps on the DUSMANIA 2001 that made some ppl of the audience pop their mouth open in amazement.

Here you hear 3 variations of the Main (intro) Theme.

En:Trance - Eiswelt 1
En:Trance - Eiswelt 2
4:29 OGG 2,4MB
7:04 OGG 4MB
[1998] En:Trance was supposed to be an epical masterpiece of a RPG with origins back to 1995. Till 1999 a small group of hobbyists in Berlin were developing the Story, screenplay... Part of the team then founded "Rotobee 3D Realtime GmbH" and created the game "Singles"... instead.

The basic story was actually pretty daring as it based on the broken down psyche of a rock star that attempted a suicide. Spinning now an phantasic plot around how to put the player into the "mind" of the Rock Star in coma to delve into a quest of a personality split represented in shape of 4 endearing charakters the Player was confronted with and had to persuade to work together again against the "desperation" which manifested itself by desolving Hubs and Levels.

Here you hear the 1st BGM demos for the "Fairies Icewold-hub"