www.joogn.de /emu_e4x.html Samstag, 12. November 2005
Fix "jumpy" Data entry with the EIV's rotatry controller

Hardware samplers have gone a bit out of fashion by 2005. Yet, I still have and cherish my 7 years old E-MU Systems Emulator E4X. About 2 to 3 years ago the following symptom appeared with the rotary data entry controller:

  • Decreasing values works fine!
  • Increasing values randomly jump back to smaller values (zero)!
I was considering to replace this controller as I was told, it isn't repairable (Ha!). The Emu repair support in germany wasn't willing to tell me prizes and I'd have to have another shop ordering it for me (as a private person). So another year passed by until I came across - via the emusonacid Forum - this page:

Credits and my thanks go to: Emulator Ultra rotary wheel fix Jörg Sigle already over 3 years ago found that his E-MU Ultra showed the same symptoms and deduced those as results from bad contacts in the controler. Those can be solved easily by soldering small capacitors over the pins of the "Drehregler". He found that 100nF were just about filtering out the noise that caused the "jumps" and 1uF were about getting too big.

  1. I used two ceramic 330nF capacitors
  2. Soldered them directly onto the small PCB
  3. Done! Works perfectly well for me!
Actually excessivly simple, for anybody familiar with electronics and the soldering iron. The controler has 3 pins. On the small PCB (photo) of the A, B, C pins (you see those letters on the other side of the PCB) B (the middle one) is ground. So I soldered one cap over A-B and the 2nd over B-C. More photos: Die Moral der Geschicht', glaub nicht immer was dir erzählt wird...