Kohinata Nanoka

Age: 15 (born May 7, 1991)
Hair colour: black
Eye colour: brown
Height: 5'
Nanoka by DaFool


Nanoka has shoulder-length black hair and brown eyes. She's quite short and looks several years younger than she actually is. A late bloomer, she is still quite childlike, with slender limbs, a soft rounded face and boyish figure.


Having grown up with only one parent, Nanoka feels that her life is somehow incomplete. She used to dream of being reunited with her father and brother, bringing them all back together to live as a family. She is strong-willed and quite capable of looking after herself, having learned how to keep house from Makie. However, she isn't emotionally self-sufficient. She worries about the increasing distance between herself and Makie. At school, Nanoka works hard enough to get by, but not to excel. Nanoka enjoys eating and has developed an interest in the idea of cooking, especially cooking with Shiro. Nanoka is sensitive to hurting people's feelings, even Shi's. She sometimes wonders if she was the reason her parents broke up. She doesn't like refusing people (eg Sato-sensei). Nanoka has recently realised that she's the type who daydreams and looks to the horizon, sometimes overlooking the things that are right in front of her and no less worthy of her attention. Like Makie, Nanoka often 'switches' off her negative emotions and puts on a cheerful face, for appearances' sake.

Self-image and sexuality

Nanoka realises that Makie is sexually attractive to men. Nanoka has observed how Makie's behaviour changes when she's flirting with men. Nanoka resents it when Makie steals the attention of the 'men' in Nanoka's life, whether it be Shiro, Omura-sensei or Nanoka's father Zenzo. She is convinced that all these men would prefer Makie to Nanoka, if given the option. Lately, Nanoka has started becoming conscious of the way men (and even male persocons) look at her. She wonders if she's becoming attractive. She is only just starting to realise that she could manipulate men the same way Makie does. As a result, Nanoka has subconsciously started developing her own approach to flirtation. It's a curious mixture of unrestrained teenage sexuality and cute girlish innocence. She has recently started being physically demonstrative with Shiro - holding his hand, hugging him, and kissing his cheek, for example. She will often act childish as a subconscious act of flirtation. (Getting Shi to spoonfeed her, being girlish with Kenshin.) While Nanoka claims that she doesn't want to be thought of as a kawaii little girl anymore, she half-realises that it's currently one of her greatest weapons. However, her curiosity about sex is also growing. She often gets excited by various 'naughty' thoughts, and she wants to test the growing boundaries of her sexual attractiveness. Nanoka believes, perhaps naively, that she can 'practise' being in a romantic relationship with Shiro, without becoming so emotionally attached to him that he could break her heart.


Nanoka was born to Zenzo and Makie Saeki. She has an older half-brother, Zenzo's child from a previous marriage (to one of Makie's cousins, who passed on before Zenzo and Makie married). However, Makie divorced Zenzo while Nanoka was still a young child. Giving up Zenzo's name, she and Nanoka reverted to Makie's maiden name - Kohinata. Makie took her daughter and moved south with her to start a new life. Nanoka has only vague memories of her older brother, and has not seen him since she was very young. Nanoka used to meet with her father on a regular basis several times a year, but as the RP starts, it has been more than a year since she last saw him in person. He does call and email her from time to time to find out how she is. Because of her longer working hours, Makie bought an Arcon-IX persocon last year to look after Nanoka and help with basic chores around the house. Nanoka named the persocon Shiro (partly because of the white hair it came with). Nanoka doesn't know of anyone else at her school who owns a persocon. Nanoka confessed to a boy at her junior high, but he didn't feel the same way. As the RP begins, Nanoka has never kissed a boy.