Shiro (white, chosen by Nanoka)

Manufacturer: Kobayashi Ltd.
Series: Arcon-IX
Haircolour: white
Shiro - drawn by DaFool


Considerably handsome human appearance. The left side of his waist, holds an inlaid control panel for uploads, maintanance, or audio-in cords (phones) ect.

Features (according to the Arcon-IX series manual)

• appearance: young male in his mid-twenties
• height: 1,80m
• weight: 40kg (standard configuration)
• shoulderlong gray-white hair(changeable by customer)
• clear watery blue eyes(changeable by customer)
• skin: partly tempered (adjustable to reduce power consumption)
• skin: water proof, washable, SmoothTouch™
• skin: Light converters to back up recharge PowerCell
• skeleton: FlexAlu™
• muscles: LiquidGrip(tm) Motion System
• neuronal AI Memory
• Bank1: common knowledge Level 1
• Bank2: Household Tasks Leve 3
• Bank3: Teenage psychology Level 2
• Bank4: - (upgradeable by customer)
• standard net-work connector
• voice male (adjustable by customer)
• 1x PowerCell8 (lasts approx 8h at normal operation)
• price of this configuration: €230.000,- ~¥38mio (2007)


Shiro is instructed by Kohinata Makie to look after, protect and care for her daughter Nanoka. For that Makie bought the Memory Bank "Female Teenage psychology". He also acts as a play pal, e.g. for video games. Or he helps her with her homework. Shiro furthermore goes shopping, cooks, cleans and does the laundry.


Bought by Nanoka's mother Makie, who is not able (or willing) to follow through her duty as responsible caring parent.


Shiro ist physically strong, yet gentle and has a calm, almost tender demeanor. He operates by the 3 laws of robotics - ergo: cannot hurt humans, nor can he allow humans to get hurt. He has a Memory Bank of common and houshold knowledge. His AI automatically adapts to the environment. Yet, he gets easily confused taking words usually literally. Tends to worry if he might be defective, if he loses context of conversation for too long. His voice sounds quite natural, but certainly a little strange as Shiro lacks real emotions of concern or urgency and as he sometimes has a rather technical perception of things. He tends to be efficently direct, avoiding confusing ambiguious indirection of speech, which sometimes comes across as slightly impolite. Shiro can not store information that seemingly contradicts itself. He also has at times problems separating the desires of Makie from those of Nanoka. Shiro does display unexpectable behaviour. Like he seemingly lied to help Nanoka and Kenshin to get on with their date. Makie however trusts that 'her robot' will never lie.