The White Feathers Directive

Kohinata Nanoka (15)

Birthday: 7. May 1991
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Height: 153cm

Daughter of Makie & Zenzo
Sister of Koshiro
Friend of Futaba

Nanoka doesn't know that her mother is an angel and that she inherited part of her celestial powers, which slowly start to awaken inside her. She doesn't even know that she has a brother.

Kohinata Makie (333)

Birthday: n/a
Hair: copper
Eyes: brown
Height: 161cm
Angelic hair: silver
Angelic eyes: silver
Angelic height: 222cm
Battle height: variable

Mother of Koshiro
Mother of Nanoka
Wife of Zenzo

In order to protect her family from CEMA she locked away her celestial powers. Regaining these powers again on her daughter's 16th birtday she has not only to face CEMA and its fierce military power, but also two demons who secretly dwelled in her daughter's school.

Kohinata Koshiro (22)

Birthday: n/a
Hair: white
Eyes: clear watery blue
Height: 180cm

Son of Makie
Son of Zenzo
brother of Nanoka

CEMA abducted and turned Koshiro into an augmented Cyborg. He is supposed to catch any angel at sight. Mistaken by the Kohinatas as a Persocon he developed a loving devotion for his 'Mistress' Nanoka.

("Dr.") Anzai Futaba (16)

Birthday: 11. February
Hair: mousy brown
Eyes: brown
Height: 158cm

Friend of Nanoka

Even though she isn't a real doctor, yet due to her wacky scientifically intricate and dangerous inventions (e.g. FuTronic PervBuster 9001™), she is referred to as Dr. Anzai by a lot of people.

Tanaka Yukio (16)

Birthday: ?
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: brown
Height: 170cm

Friend of Masayuki

As a group member of the Pantyshot-Raiders, he is usually out on the hunt for upskirt snapshots. He has a heavy unrequitted crush on Shimada Satsuko and a magical tendency towards compromising accidents.

Okada Masayuki (16)

Birthday: ?
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Height: 172cm

Friend of Yukio

As a group member of the Pantyshot-Raiders, he is usually out on the hunt for upskirt snapshots. He has laid his eyes on Aiko, who unwittingly manages to 'bless' him with lots of 'photo occasions'.

Shimada Satsuko (16)

Birthday: 3. April
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Height: 165cm

Class President
Friend of Aiko

Her father owns the school. She has her own chauffeur (Tetsuo) and limousine. Nobody exactly knows why a sophisticated girl like her looks after a clutz like Aiko.

Hasagawa Aiko (15)

Birthday: 28. June
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Height: 164cm

Class Clutz
Friend of Satsuko

Jo': "OMG! What did you do to Aiko-chan!? X-D"
Darkling: "Well, it started with a partial lobotomy and an inner ear disorder... Then breast implants..."

Nakamura Kenshin (16)

Birthday: ?
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Height: 174cm

Boyfriend of Nanoka
Son of director Nakamura

Oblivious of his fathers doings, he's unwittingly ending up inbetween the triangle battle of CEMA, angel and demons.

Nakamura Daiichi (42)

Birthday: ?
Hair: none
Eyes: brown
Height: 173cm

Director of CEMA
Father of Kenshin

Craving for 'celestial powers', he has been chasing after Angels for a long time. His almost fanatical motivation eventually leads him to unreasonable behaviour.

Miyahara Kuri (23)

Birthday: 27. March
Hair: chestnut brown
Eyes: brown
Height: 164cm

CEMA agent
aka "Maple" (Jap: Kaede)

Kuri infiltrates the Kohinata family as a maid. Unknowingly of who Makie truly is, she fell in love with the one she is supposed to hunt down.

Major Ito Yuta (31)

Birthday: ?
Hair: black-violett
Eyes: brown
Height: 183cm

Leads the military forces of CEMA. Feels some attraction towards Futaba.
Lieutnant Ikuko (28)

Birthday: ?
Hair: black
Eyes: blue
Height: 160cm

CEMA agent and part of the staff who surveilance the Kohinatas. Increasingly disturbed by the methods of her superiors, she struggles to find her place amongst the 'angel hunters'.
Saeki Zenzo (47)

Birthday: October 16, 1959
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Height: 172cm

Husband of Makie
Father of Nanoka
Father of Koshiro

Persued by CEMA, Makie left Zenzo with Nanoka 10 years ago. Even though he wants to help his family, he finds himself powerless against the hi-tech military power of CEMA.

Omura-sensei Akio (29)

Birthday: ?
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Height: 178cm

Classroom Teacher

A handsome, smooth and calm teacher. Magically popular with the girls at school... for a dark reason.

Sato-sensei Toshio (38)

Birthday: ?
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Height: 168cm

PE Teacher

A somewhat creepy personality... for a dark reason.

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Character art by Martin Perks & DaFool last changes: 2.11.2019
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[more] Story: Since the 13th century the secret and well founded Celestial Entity Monitoring Agency (CEMA) is trying to abduct a celestial being (Angel) in hope to gain its powers. However CEMA has failed so far.
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1 - Make me a Woman

On Nanoka's 16th birthday she asks Shiro to fulfill her dearest wish, while in the garden two peepers try to get some nice indecent photographs of her. Makie makes a strange discovery in the basement. Inevitably Masayuki and Yukio meet Dr. Anzai's 'Pervbuster 9001'. Nanoka despairs as Shiro suffers due to her love to him.

Length: 15:24 Min. Released 18.5.11 + 30.7.11 / revised Two in One: 19.10.14
1325 18 MB
964 42 MB

2 - Celestial Activity Detected

While CEMA monitors closely the activity in the Kohinata home, Makie 'retrieves' another missing gem straight from Kuri's body. Satsuko arrives at school - with a helicopter. Futaba and Kenshin come to fetch Nanoka to go to school. Makie attaching the fourth gemstone to her body creates an unexpected side effect.

Length: 12:05 Min. Released 29.11.11 + 29.6.12 / revised Two in one: 19.10.14
878 14 MB
794 36 MB

3 - Happy Birthday, Nanoka

While Makie is unconscious, Futaba tries her Futronics PervBuster 9001™ on the birthday cake Shiro had made for Nanoka... with not very promissing results. Yukio has a close encounter with Satsuko at school... with not very promissing results. CEMA monitors the events in the Kohinata household closely and suspiciously. While Futaba explains in detail to Nanoka the features of the 'package' for Shiro, Makie wakes up recovering her memories.

Length: 12:04 Min. Released 26. + 27.1.13 / revised Two in One: 19.10.14
764 14 MB
645 35 MB

4 - Return of the Angel

Masayuki and Yukio create a major 'compromising' event with Aiko-chan at school. Makie has found all magic gem stones and uses them to re-awaken her angelic powers, causing unexpected reactions in her daughter Nanoka and her son Koshiro. Suspiciously the unconcious Nanoka is taken care of by the teachers Omura and Sato, while CEMA gets ready to hunt down the angel who has returned to her villa facing another surprise.

Length: 12:54 Min. Released 30.3.2014
535 14 MB
505 35 MB

5 - Oh, Shit!

A word of warning contains (to some perhaps) slightly disturbing content, but also panties! Masayuki and Yukio discover that there is something odd about their photographs of Nanoka. Kenshin discovers that Omura-sensei and Sato-Sensei do not take the unconcious Nanoka to the nurse's office. Makie painfully discovers that her son has been turned by CEMA to attack her. Shiro discovers that he'd better not attack his mother. Sato discovers how 'perfect' Nanoka is and Omura discovers Kenshin. Major Ito discovers - oh well, listen and find out yourself!

Length: 13:31 Min. Released 10. May 15, revised 21.12.16
347 16 MB
337 40 MB

6 - Bottomless Well

A word of warning contains (to some perhaps) slightly disturbing content, esp. since panties are already gone... Sato and Omura have their way with Nanoka, however they soon enough find themselves face to face with her very angry mother. Masayuki and Yukio discover new interesting motives for their photography and CEMA troops sustain first casualties to a pretty annoyed angel.

Length: 13:14 Min. Released 27.12.15, revised 4.2.17
268 15 MB
254 42 MB

7 - Let Me Be Your Hostage

After gathering her children, Makie pays Kenshin a visit in the hospital. She distracts CEMA with a mirage by the western shrine, while she tries to find out, what has happened to him. Kenshin however misinterprets the situation a little...

Length: 14:48 Min. Released 16.8.16, revised 18.1.17
200 17 MB
182 45 MB

8 - Dead Rising

Nanoka and Shiro find sanctuary in Futabas laboratory. Kuri pursues the angel in a helicopter. Major Ito and his men come across undead beings on the hill next to the temple. Futaba makes a cruel discovery concerning Shiro and Kuri makes a surprising confession.

Length: 11:12 Min. Released 14.3.19
4 12 MB
3 36 MB

9 - Sailor Senshi Kuri on the Moon

Makie briefly retreats with Kuri 'off Earth'. They decide to go shopping until Nanoka is able to contact her mother. CEMA begins to attack the returned angel.

Length: 11:50 Min. Released 7.5.19
4 13 MB
3 32 MB

10 - Surrounded (or These Aren't My Parents)

CEMA Director Nakamura launches a big strike against the angel. One that Makie has to face, wether she likes it or not. She finds, however, time to re-unite with her husband Zenzo - very much to the surprise of Yukio and Masayuki. Meanwhile, amongst CEMA operatives, there is resistance building up against the Director's decisions. Kuri finds a way out of the Weapons Cache and stumbles across Nanoka and Koshiro.

Length: 16:12 Min. Released 20.6.19
3 18 MB
4 43 MB

11 - How long is it, Onii-chan?

Note This story was written in 2009, three years prior to the Tsunami in Japan.
The catastrophe is taking its course. However, while the angel sacrifices herself to deflect the first of CEMAs bombs, someone unexpected takes care of the second. Badly shaken, Ikuko and Kuri decide to bring Nakamura to justice, while Koshiro has to care for two victims: his sister and his mother...

Length: 16:08 Min. Released 28.7.19
4 17 MB
2 45 MB

12 - Her Body Is So Cold

Kuri and Ikuko attempt to get into Nakamuras Bunker and are supported by Major Ito. Meanwhile Koshiro tries to help his severely injured mother.

Length: 17:14 Min. Released 27.10.19
3 19 MB
2 48 MB

13 - A Far Superior Power [Final]

Makie cannot save Kuri from her fate, but in her un-angelic rage she passes sentence on the involved people. Much to the shock of her daughter Nanoka and her husband Zenzo. In the end Makie has to face Celestial Guards who wish to take her and her children to the Celestial Council.

Length: 10:40 Min. Released 2.11.19
7 11 MB
2 28 MB