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Elias on the Sumari (Speakers) family-intent
compiled by Jo'ogn   © Mary Ennis

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..all of the families.. incorporate all qualities of each other. Overall, the majority of the essences magnate to the qualities of the specific family, but all essence families incorporate individuals who display action, partial desire, and manifestation of other essence families.

..you are not 'born into' an essence family. You magnate to a family. You are drawn through intent, as metal is drawn to a magnet; the family being the magnet. You, within your individual intents, are the metals being drawn to the families. This may change, if you are choosing. Generally speaking, it does not.

..we move to my color of blue. The essence family that I choose to represent is Sumari. The Sumari are playful. They are creative. They are spiritual. They are your artists. They are not teachers of art; they are doers. The Sumari are doers of everything! They incorporate action. They materialize what the Sumafi and the Gramada initiate. This essence family incorporates great creativity.

I have spoken to you of the initiators, these being the driving forces behind the actualizers. Therefore, the initiators within the arts would be the manifest individuals who promote the individual artists. These of the Sumari are the artists. They do incorporate the spotlight. They enjoy being within the forefront of all action. They are not introverted or shy individuals! They are quite extroverted. They also are quite independent. They do not align themselves with groups. They do not align themselves with societies or governments or religions. They are your rebellious group. They are the individuals that butt against everything! They are your salmon swimming upstream! They do not conform. You will find, in movements of cultures, individuals who are refusing to conform to the norm. These individuals belong to the Sumari.

Within your culture, within this country [USA] of yours, you have been exposed to a movement of the Sumari ..your young individuals, your students who revolted, who refused to conform; your 'flower children.' These were Sumari. They are great expressers of love and freedom. They choose not to align themselves within groups, for they feel that this is constricting of their individuality and creativity. They are tremendous expressers of individuality. They are your triumphers for the individual. They are focused upon the development, within all creativity, of each individual. They stress spirituality, but only within the individual, not within a religious-focus.

They are connectors. They connect essence to focus. They are also temporary. They are your physical 'pop-ins' of cultures. They do not establish cultures to be lasting. They 'pop-in' to established cultures, they encourage individual thought and creativity and spirituality, and they 'pop-out!' They initiate thought. They initiate remembering of connections. You will not find Sumari in long-lasting cultural situations. They will appear, temporarily, to be 'stirring your pot,'.. and then they will, as suddenly as it may seem that they appeared,.. disappear.

The Sumafi is greatly involved with Sumari, for Sumafi incorporates before and after. When your Sumaris appear, they are taught by Sumafi. When they disappear, their ideas are continued and held steadfast by Sumafi. Within your present time, the Sumari have initiated, they have manifest, they have 'stirred your pot'.. they have altered your focus. Now, the Sumafi incorporates the carrying on of this in teaching;

Within the Sumari family and the intent, the individuals within physical focus connect to the Speakers within many different areas. The Sumari choose various methods.. to be connecting with essences and the Dream Walkers for their continued information. Sumari concern themselves with.. the unusual; those elements that you view to be psychic elements.

This be the differentiation between the Sumari and the Sumafi. The Sumafi concerns themselves with the least amount of distortion. Therefore, the Sumafi shall engage THIS particular phenomenon and no other, but the Sumari are quite playful and investigative! They also are the individuals that are curious and wishing to be stimulating of you all within physical focus, presenting you with new ideas, stirring your curiosity.

The Sumari are quite open to receiving information within areas of astrology, tarot, psychic readings, ouija boards, ..all types of.. tools.. that speak to them. They also engage within this type of energy exchange that you view presently, that you term to be "channeling." Psychic phenomenon is their forte. They are quite fascinated with all elements of unusual activity. Crystal balls! ..the Sumafi do not consult crystal balls, but the Sumari do! They are quite intrigued with elements within your physical focus that may speak to them and offer them information. Therefore, their attention magnates to all of these tools that they view to be beyond themselves, outside of themselves, offering themselves information that they may not normally access.

The Sumari also enter areas beyond these tools. They do not view them as tools. They view them as communications, ..but they also move beyond these type of communications and allow themselves inner communications. They are quite adept at accessing information from within. They translate this into thought processes that offers themselves and other individuals information. This also is an action of the Speakers communicating. Once they have allowed themselves an opening to their fascination with what you term to be 'paranormal'.. offer themselves enough information that they may be trusting of information to be directly transmitted to themselves and are not needing of an intermediate accessing. Therefore, as opposed to their tarot or their crystal balls or their ouija boards, they may access their information directly, not needing necessarily an energy exchange, to which you term to be "channeling."

..you may view the playfulness of the Sumari. Even within their action of energy exchange and their accumulation of information, they choose a very colorful method to be exchanging and accessing information.

ELIAS: boredom.. is an element that plagues the Sumari and the Ilda families and is quite distasteful to both of these families and their physical manifestations. Therefore, you create much stirring within this relationship..Sumari..are individuals that are pot-stirrers; agitators. They also do not align with officially accepted groups, societies, and belief systems, and move quite objectively in areas that shall be expressive of their LACK of alignment with these elements.

..they are very consistent in being inconsistent! They are also very consistent in being non-finishers. They are tremendous in the area of creating beginnings and initiating certain actions, but they are also quite consistent in not finishing these projects or involvements, for the expression of the Sumari is the middle. They are the bridge. This affords them the ability to not be aligning with any given presentment of group beliefs or societies, for their intent is merely to be stirring the energy, but not necessarily to be creating of any particular expression, merely to be a catalyst for other individuals' awarenesses.

ELIAS: Look also to the Sumari. They are not finishers! ..They are the pop-ins, so to speak. ..They are the individuals that stir the pot, and dabble ..but are not quite accomplished at completion.

VAL: That's it! That's the struggle!

ELIAS: But they need not be in the direction of completion, for this is not their intent ..Your intent is to be experiencing the fullness of physical focus, and what you may offer yourself within it.

The intent in the individuals of this family is to be stirring, introducing new ideas and experiences to themselves and to other individuals, to be encouraging of creativity in all areas of physical focus; not to be concerning themselves with beginnings or endings, but to be concerning themselves with the presentment of different experiences, that they may be reinforcing the aesthetics of this physical dimension.

They pull to the surface, so to speak - in their own and other individuals' experiences - the beauty of creating within this physical focus.

Therefore, do not concern yourself that you do not hold enough physical time. There is quite plenty of your physical linear time to be experiencing the snippets of all of the different directions that you choose to be moving into. You need not be concerning yourself and creating conflict with yourself in the direction of completion.

VAL: Okay. That relieves me a lot.

ELIAS: Allow yourself the permission to be yourself and to experience in the manner that YOU experience, not in the manner that is dictated to you.

ELIAS: The actions and qualities of the Sumari family move in the direction of excitement, drama, stirring and sparking of themselves and of other individuals. They also express, quite consistently, a lack of consistency!

...They are the individuals that may be prodding, they may engage many different avenues for investigation which shall be exciting to them, but they do not hold the attention within ANY of these areas for what you would term to be long durations, for this is not in compliance with their intent. They do not hold interest in continuation of any concept, any action, any event, any element within their creation. They are quite passionate and creative.

the Milumet hold a very different type of expression. Generally, they may be much quieter, more subdued. They DO focus attention in ongoing situations and are quite diligent in quests.

In this, there is a similarity, that neither of these particular families align with officially accepted institutions or groups. Neither of these families holds an interest or a direction of attention that shall move them into aligning with officially accepted rules or officially accepted beliefs, societal creations, or the establishments of certain groups which find comfort in their shared ideas. Both of these families are concerning themselves within their intent much more individually.

they each lend energy to a movement - or an ease of a movement - for you to be stepping outside of officially accepted mass belief systems. But they also lend conflict, for there is a tendency or a leaning within yourself to focus upon a concept or an action, an event, an endeavor, a venture ... which you may present yourself initially with much excitement, which diminishes quickly, but you hold a continued fascination with this particular element and are creating of your dead mouse game!

For one aspect of yourself holds the readiness to discontinue action with certain creations. You have offered yourself the excitement, and therefore you also present yourself with the feeling of wishing to be moving to a new endeavor, to be creating excitement and drama once again. But the aspect of the Milumet moves you into a position of hesitation and an action of examining and re-examining and re-examining your creation!

SHERRY: ...he does things repetitively, repetitively, repetitively, even when they seem like they're destructive and he gets in trouble. I thought that was Sumafi. Am I wrong?

ELIAS: No, you are correct that the action of repetitiveness is a quality that is exhibited by this Sumafi family.

But let me also express to you, individuals belonging to this essence family of Sumari may appear objectively to be repetitive in some types of creations, but their repetitiveness is a different type of expression than that of the Sumafi.

Individuals that are of the Sumafi family create an action of repetitiveness as a type of automatic expression. This allows individuals of this family to not be concentrating attention in the expression of method, but rather in the expression of message.

In the action of repetitiveness that many Sumari individuals create, the attention is focused upon the method. It is a type of experimentation in a particular subject matter.

The repetitiveness is created in slight variations. It may appear surfacely or objectively that they are continuing to be repeating certain behaviors or actions or incorporations of directions, but each repetition of the action is altered in varying degrees, for the attention is focused upon the method not the message, but the incorporation of the action, and how the action may be incorporated in variation, but in continuation of the same theme.

CHRISTINE: ...why in particular are the Sumari to be more affected or are being affected by this particular [truth] wave?

ELIAS: Each belief system is associated with a particular essence family. Each essence family resonates in association with the qualities of that family with a particular belief system. The Sumari family is associated with this particular belief system of truth.

in each wave that occurs in consciousness, each belief system that is being addressed, the family that is associated with that belief system is more affected, more strongly affected and more obviously affected.

this is not bad. It is dependent upon your choices and how you choose to incorporate the energy. There is a tremendous surge of energy associated with each one of these waves on consciousness, and you may choose to incorporate that energy in any manner, in what you view to be beneficial or in what you view to be challenging. But if you are not aware of the beliefs and if you are not aware of the energy, you may be expressing automatic beliefs more strongly, which many times becomes quite confusing to individuals and even conflicting.

CAROL: Sumari being pot-stirrers and creative and quite adept at making their beliefs sound like truths, and being very talented at having other people believe that their beliefs are truths, would this be part of why they're being singled out? I know as a Sumari-aligned and knowing other Sumari-aligned, we are like that. We're very persuasive, and we find ourselves using our creativity and our pot-stirring abilities to haul people over into what we're expressing.

ELIAS: Quite.

TED: Elias in my Sumari-ness, I'm very confused. I've been stirring the pot, telling all my constituents that we're going to collapse the financial system and eliminate our government to an insignificant role, and our religions are going to go away. Is this truth not true?


TED: Then why have we been espousing this in our togetherness in this past five years?

ELIAS: You are not eliminating the beliefs; therefore, how shall religion be eliminated?

TED: It's just going to become a choice?

ELIAS: Yes, and the recognition and appreciation of difference.

TED: So we'll no longer have Christian/non-Christian conflicts?

ELIAS: Correct - unless you choose. But if you choose, you shall know that you are choosing, and the conflict shall be different. It shall not be a conflict to be expressing conversion or expressing the absoluteness of one or the other. The conflict may be more likened to debate than struggle.

TED: Okay, I understand that difference. The same with our monetary systems and our government systems?

ELIAS: As I have stated, eventually at the completion of this shift in consciousness your monetary system shall be quite different, for the need for exchange in the manner that you express it now shall be unnecessary. If each of you are genuinely familiar with yourselves and are genuinely directing yourselves, it becomes unnecessary to express the type of systems that you incorporate within your societies now. For the system that you incorporate now expresses hierarchies and leaders, authorities, individuals that you look to to steer you, that you follow; but in the expression of this shift in consciousness, its direction moves to the individual and your incorporation of directing and steering yourselves rather than allowing other individuals to dictate to you your choices.