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Elias on Orientation Soft abridged
compiled by Jo'ogn based on «Orientation Soft»
How many "Softs" are there?

Elias explained that in this dimension arrangements are in the way, that the orientation "Common" (67%) is the dominating one. "Soft" (20%) and even more so "intermediate" (13%) are a minority, which can lead individuals belonging to these orientations to feel out of place in this world.

As Common also "fuels" the strongest belief systems, Soft (as well as Intermediate) might feel obliged to adapt to the habits of the "world dominating Common orientation", which however is different to how Soft and Intermediate perceive the(ir) world.

If you look at the statistics of my Focus Database you will find, that the figures given by Elias are quite accurately reflected by the about 116 (Apr'08) entries. There might be a slight bias towards Soft entries, as I advertise the database on the Soft-Orientation Yahoo List.


Generally people tend to see this physical world in terms of things, or objects. However Soft focus on interaction in energy with their environment. Soft interact with everything, be it plants, animals or other humans. Soft even interact with ideas, concepts and the universe in general. They feel drawn to all these elements of reality. The individuals of soft incorporate the entirety of your planet as interactive with them.

These interactions can be seen as "movements". As energy moves and creates points of high concentration - e.g. a demonstration, sport or music events - Softs might take part in terms of its feel of energy, rather than the physical purpose, or aim.

Soft want to create through interacting with other individuals. There lies the highest feelings and greatest ease. Their "intent" of this focus is in alignment with their orientation.


By isolating yourself or not allowing yourself interactions with other individuals in relationships and in intimate relationships, Soft shall be experiencing confusion, conflict and distress, for a Soft would be moving contrary to their individual natural expression. There is an expressed desire to be interactive continuously in an intimate manner with other individuals.

Softs do not seek partnerships for the reasons that are expressed within the officially accepted mass belief systems, but they are drawing themselves into partnerships with other individuals for the reason that this creates a natural expression within their focus and creates an ease within energy in their focus, which eliminates much conflict.

Another word for vulnerability is openness. This is a natural expression objectively within this orientation of soft, but many times this is also creating of holding to your own energy in the attempt to be protecting yourself, being afraid other could be hurtful. This is unnecessary, trust and know yourself.

Mass Events

Soft shall find that they are experiencing more of an emotional expression in conjunction with mass events. They may view themselves to be affected, in varying degrees, but many times quite strongly, for this particular orientation lends itself — within that particular creation of perception — to involvement of the individual and all of your world. This particular orientation is very interactive. Therefore, it also is quite affected.


Seeing the orientations as languages of perception, where Common is objective and intermediate is subjective, Softs are right in the middle and may efficiently "translate" both languages as they can swing from objective outward to subjected inward and vice versa.

Blocks and periods of withdrawel

Soft may experience long times without relationships in contrast to times with very intensive and passionate relationships. The same goes for other kind of actions.

The "double input" of objective AND subjective communication can be exhausting and leads to withdrawel for some time. Some refer to this as their "Soft-Mode". They might withdraw for days, even months.

However Soft do not enjoy solitude. Even if they seem to be objectively alone, they are not hermits, for they are always subjectively interactive with their environment, plants, ideas, computers, games etc.

This kind of interruption seems to create a certain blockiness of actions, like having blocks of sex, blocks of persuing certain hobbies, blocks of interaction, or relationships.


Softs are natural experts at "mirroring". This means Soft reflect back to other individuals - regardless of their orientation - what are their issues or problems (keep in mind the concepts of "Individual Perception", buffering etc). It happens automagically and requires no thinking.

It's like tossing back the ball at other individuals. Soft are each quite efficient at immediately projecting the reflection to others.

This may involuntarely lead to conflict. Because an ego usually does not like to be shown what its problems are. The Soft doesn't even notice that they are doing the "mirroring". Or put differently: Other individuals many times experience an ease in viewing their own expressions through the reflection of a Soft.

A "worst case scenario" might be two softs mirroring themselves to each others (and I can tell). Relationships might have extreme up and downs. Extreme passion and closeness as well as intensity of conflict and misunderstanding. You might not understand why the other person doesn't understand you, not realizing that this is your own not understanding being reflected back at yourself o_0;

In such moments of conflict one needs to stop themselves from responding and keeping up this vicious circle, or "running the hamsterwheel". Become aware of the expressions and energies expressed. Often enough we do not wish to see such a clear kind or mirroring. Or the reflection of a reflection.

The challenge is to pay objectively attention to yourself, accepting yourself, to not project your attention and expectations to the other individual.

outwardly & inwardly / subjective & objective

Soft can express inwardly as well as outwardly, but they are more concerned with exchange. They might not have the urge to create physically, or being "productive" in that "Common" sense, but they are quite attentive to their outward creations.

Their focus inwardly is slightly different from intermediate. The inward focus is not entirely objective. [ o_0? ]

A Soft's attention is partly subjective, to the point of surprising themselves with their own creations. For they are creating subjectively - focusing an element of their attention subjectively - and they are allowing a translation objectively, without necessarily creating a communication objectively between the objective and the subjective.

Headaches and even the incorporation of affectingness within vision or eyes, is more widely expressed in conjunction to energy surges within Soft individuals.

Soft efficiently focus their attention in one or the other expression of awareness, either the subjective or the objective, almost to the exclusion of the other. They may engage sleep time framework to be engaging their attention with the subjective imagery and expressions.

Soft individuals presented with the question "what are you creating?" will likely respond "I do not know." Whereas, if asked "what are you doing?" they will be able to answer more easily.

passionate individuals

Soft are very passionate playful, if not flamboyant individuals, seemingly radiating lots of energy. They shall not be your wallflowers! They are expressive in their body movements and creations, be it dance, their own music etc. They may be emotionally expressive. It is important to Soft, that their expressiveness is appreciated.

Soft-Soft relationships might figuratively create overwhelming fireworks of passion.

Soft allow themselves much less limitation within their dream state recalling objectively their dream imagery more easily.

Pond Analogy

Elias offered an analogy of viewing an individual holding the orientation of soft as being a very, very shallow pond. The shallowness of this pond allows clear vision of the surface and of the bed.

The bottom of the pond may be likened to the attention of the subjective, and the surface of the pond to the attention of the objective awareness. They are so closely associated that from the vantage point, figuratively speaking, of the objective, the subjective is always within view.

In viewing yourself as this pond, the surface is your objective awareness, that which you incorporate to interpret all that is physically expressed within your world: all that you see, all that you view, all that you engage through many of your communications to yourself.

Your subjective awareness is the bed of the pond. This aspect of your awareness to many individuals appears hidden or removed from them. In the choice of orientation of Soft, the subjective is clearly viewed. It is shallow enough that the individual holds an objective awareness of all that is subjective.