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Xeta Belles Trailer

Posted: Mon 01 Oct 2012 11:13
by Jo'
Xeta Belles is a film and video game project by our WFD Nanoka voice actress Chelcia (Z-che). On her request I re-did the cinematic audio Trailer, which might need some explanation. Think of it as the sound track of a visual trailer. We have a collage of scene cuts.

In the world of Xeta Belles it is possible to manifest e.g. (so-called) En-Cycles, protective shields etc. from an energy grid, by means of a small syncing device attached to the wrist. This is what happens when (by the end of scene 1) Destiny and Amelia jump off the roof of the highest building in Evergreen City (a symbiosis of hi-tech and nature). They get their kicks by jumping off the building and 'digitally syncing' their cycles while dropping.

Basically the three girls are the daughters of three kings, spicing up their daily routine by stealing back goods which have been... stolen. :ashamed:
Xeta is an unknown person, who hacks into their visors, forcing them to work for him. Robbing the 'Bank of Trust' appears to be an insane request of Xeta...

Art work can be found here:!__xetabelles/artwork

The Music was re-arranged by Stephan Schulz after the music used in the first Trailer mix, however we don't know who originally made this music. "Bad Apple" is the englisch Christina Vee Version. The only difference 'my version' features over Chelcia's official choice is the ongoing BGM in the last scene. It's mixed with dynamics (loud and low parts) so turn it up and enjoy!

Xeta Belles - Trailer (Jo' Version)

4:01 OGG 5MB 2ch stereo

Voice of Ever-Green City: Parisa Johnston
Amelia: Amber Lee Conners
Destiny: Morgan Barnhart
Suetu: Erica Mendez
Xeta: Jo'
Xeta Belles outro: Z-che herself