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White Feathers

audio drama tells the 'slice of life' story of Kohinata Nanoka, a Japanese high school student, her mother, Kohinata Makie and Shiro, a persocon (robotic personal companion) purchased by Makie to help look after Nanoka.

Makie The audio play follows our main characters through their daily lives as Nanoka grapples with her growing feelings of affection for her persocon, and Shiro attempts to understand more about human nature. More characters become involved in the storyline as it progresses, including other students and teachers at Nanoka's school, as well as employees at the beauty parlour that Makie owns.

In the original 'by post' roleplay, Nanoka, Futaba and Omura-sensei are written by Darkling. Shiro, Makie and Yukio are written by Jo'ogn. The audio play scripts are written by Darkling and Jo'ogn, while the actual episodes are directed, mixed and edited by Jo'ogn. A decent pair of headphones is recommended to enjoy all the details of the soundscape.

See the map of the town and the character's relationships

Note: As of Feb. 2011 the production has been dis-continued.

Windows Media Player user might need the Directshow Filters for Ogg Vorbis!


1 "Ocean Breeze"

[downloads: 2657] mp3 Stereo 27MB, 23:18

2 "Killer Combo"

[downloads: 2665] mp3 Stereo 23MB, 19:04

3 "Spaghetti al Pesto"

[downloads: 2585] mp3 Stereo 36MB, 31:27
[downloads: 2467] ogg Vorbis surround 65MB